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Can Digital Connectivity Unite Offline Communities? A Look at Get Online Week 2023

IFB Gaming united charities and community organizations in Southwark for this year’s Get Online Week.

Get Online Week is championed by the UK’s leading digital inclusion charity, Good Things Foundation. The annual event sees the National Digital Inclusion Network get together to reinvigorate our pledges to eradicate digital inclusion and data poverty through collective action.

Now in its 16th year, the annual campaign has supported millions of individuals at the risk of digital inclusion and data poverty to take back control of their work, living and healthcare during technology adoption maturity and beyond.

What happened during Get Online Week

2023’s Get Online Week unfolded on Kennington and Brandon Estates in the London Borough of Lambeth and Southwark, respectively.

Organizations that supported GOW 2023 in Southwark include The NHS, NHS Digital, Good Things Foundation, Future Dot Now, and Vodafone’s Everyone.Connected, Metropolitan Police, and Virgin Media O2.

During the week;

  • We conducted focus groups with the Brandon Estates TRA committee and residents
  • We supported Seniors to master the new NHS appointment booking process via Swifqueue
  • We supported individuals through the National Databank
  • We supported individuals with basic digital skills using the EDS Framework
  • We empowered Women through Business Information Technology workshops
  • We explored new ways of doing research with NHS England in London communities
  • We conducted a Digital Skills and Needs Assessment with residents of Brandon Estate

In the Press

Thank You for Inspiring Minds and Empowering Futures during Get Online Week in Southwark – John Adewole PMP

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Success Story: Get Online Week with BREAKTHEBARRIER CIC – Community Southwark

– Get Online Week

Get Online Week Follow-Up Activities/Events

IFB will…

  • Introduce a new umbrella organisation for continuous work, improvement and innovation
  • Power up and empower local hubs with the knowledge and resources needed to continue to support Seniors
  • Introduce a central hub for individuals at risk of data poverty and digital inclusion in Southwark
  • Power up local hubs provisions through the National Digital Inclusion Network
  • Continue to seek more partnerships and will continue to develop relationships with organisations working to eradicate digital exclusion and data poverty

Register for Get Online Week 2023’s Empowering Futures’

Get Online Week is back. It runs annually during Black History Month and it is currently on its 16th edition.

Why is Get Online Week important?

Nearly 1 in 5 adults lack the most basic digital skills needed for everyday life.

Over 1 in 20 households have no internet access, neither fixed line nor mobile.

2 million households struggle with affordability of internet access.


What to expect this Get Online Week 2023

Free technology, computer and internet support for beginners.

Get support from IFB, BTB CIC and the NHS to access and understand essential digital services.

Whether you are a beginner, looking for educational resources or you are just struggling with a specific function, there will be a variety of departments based on our 6-Pillars of Digital Inclusion on the ground to support you.

You may also like to join us soon for more free events below:

Supporting Seniors to take back control of their healthcare by mastering the new NHS appointment booking process.

One of our primary objectives this year is to support Seniors and Elderly People with the new NHS appointment booking process, especially blood tests. If you know anyone that’s can benefit from this event, kindly bring them along or share with them. The NHS User Research team will be available during GOW to support them with any issues or problems that they may be experiencing.

Get Online Week 2023: Inspiring Minds. Empowering Futures.

A free 3-day free website development workshop at Rachel Leigh Hall. This event is free, however, registration is required. Please learn more with the link below.

The three days workshop will focus on:

  1. HTML – Hyper Text Markup Language
  2. CSS – Cascading Style Sheets
  3. Design thinking and ethics
  4. Drag ‘N’ Drop

Digital Living: Free bicycle marking by the Metropolitan Police.

Crime is on the rise again in London. This is true about mobile phones and bicycles on Southwark’s Brandon Estate. This Get Online Week, we are teaming up with the Police to mitigate these categories by offering bicycle tracking devices to individuals.

IFB Accessibility Services

Unveiling Insights: Southwark Digital Skills and Needs Assessment Survey 2023

Event Title: Southwark’s Digital Landscape and the Hidden Opportunities


Date: TBC

Time: 1-3pm

Location: Microsoft Teams

During the online event, we will unveil the findings of the recent consultation with the residents of Kennington and Brandon Estates.

The event is for Third Sector leaders working to tackle digital inclusion and data poverty in the UK.



In 2023, the Southwark Digital Skills and Needs Assessment Survey provided invaluable data and insights into the digital landscape of the community.

This event serves as a platform to share the key findings, challenges, and opportunities revealed by the survey.

We aim to foster a deeper understanding of the digital skills and needs within Southwark’s Brandon and Kennington Estates and chart a course for a digitally inclusive future in Southwark.




During the online event,

  • we will unveil the findings of The Digital Skills and Needs Assessment Survey
  • make practical recommendations that you can start implementing immediately



Please register your interest with the link. (What is this?)

The link will take you to a form. Once you have filled out and submitted the form, you will receive an email with the full details of the event. You will also be able to continue to pay and complete your registration or cancel.


Please contact john.a@ifbgaming.com if you would like to have a chat.

Thank you!

Free 3-Day Website Development Workshop

Register Here!

IFB Gaming is teaming up with Break The Barrier CIC to support 22 (and more) Women on Brandon Estate with digital inclusion and data poverty with a series of carefully curated workshops on website development.

This year’s Get Online Week will consolidate partnerships between new local members of the network in Southwark and it will creatively build on our successful lifelong skills sessions.

The three days workshop will focus on:

  1. HTML – Hyper Text Markup Language
  2. CSS – Cascading Style Sheets
  3. Design thinking and ethics
  4. Drag ‘N’ Drop

The workshop is free to attend but registration is required. Please register below!

We look forward to seeing you during Get Online Week.



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