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Who We Are

Welcome to the Future of Gaming Technology with IFB Gaming! Immerse yourself in a world of cutting-edge innovations and unparalleled experiences.

At IFB Gaming, we’re not just selling technology; we’re crafting a journey that transcends boundaries and redefines the way you do business, learn, research and empower communities.

IFB is a games-based bridge and connector research and community learning organisation focused on the intersection of playing, lifelong learning and digital exclusion.

Our Vision

A Nation where everyone can fully participate and benefit and reach their full potential during technology adoption maturity and beyond

Our Mission

  • To connect healthcare and Third Sector organisations to English communities
  • To connect law and policymakers to English communities
  • To provide an umbrella for idea and knowledge transfer and sharing
  • To provide digital inclusion and data poverty services for Third Sector Organisations
  • To provide inclusive professional research services

Our Values





Our Commitment to You

We’re here to accompany you or your organisation every step of the way.

Together, we’ll explore new horizons, conquer challenges, and celebrate the power of playing and game mechanics and dynamics to unite, inspire, educate, engage and empower.

Thank you for choosing IFB Gaming as your sustainability partner.

Let’s play, learn, improve our organisations and communities, and grow together – one community and organisation at a time.

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