IFB Gaming


What does IFB mean?

The ‘IFB’ in IFB Gaming stands for International Friends Bureau Gaming.

IFB Gaming is a hybrid research and learning organisation that is focused on the intersection of play, lifelong learning and exclusion.

As our brand name invites, IFB Gaming exodus from the gaming paradigm.

IFB Gaming is a result of 2 x Longitudinal virtual ethnographies (at the University of Portsmouth) and action research, both exploring the efficacy and vitality of the Gaming Paradigm as a social accommodator for the insecurely attached.

IFB Gaming was formalised in 2019 by John Adewole PMP to serve as a bridge and connector organisation between the Third Sector, Higher Education, Healthcare, Policy Mare and Hidden and Hard to reach population in England.

However, as we ventured into English communities to replicate John Adewole’s research, the extent of digital exclusion and data poverty in England swiftly became clear.

Today, in addition to our specialised professional services, our Community as Service programme (started in 2018) has supported 300+ people and 5 organisations in Southwark at risk of digital exclusion. Our work in Southwark communities was awarded a Southwark Business Excellence Award on the 15th of February 2024 in the category of Contributing to Community.

This makes IFB the first Gaming-based organisation to be awarded for independently contributing to sustainable development from the gaming paradigm. IFB Gaming is also the first games or gaming-based organisation to be awarded a Guinness World Record Certificate and UNICEF award for contribution to community and education in the UK and Commonwealth West Africa.

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