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Community as Service” – (CaS) reflects a paradigm shift in contemporary organisational social and planetary responsibility – CSR or Corporate Social Responsibility.

CaS mitigates challenges in contemporary national and international development by providing tailored services and solutions that cater to the unique needs and dynamics of specific communities, whether online or offline.

We transform communities by empowering charities, CICs and community organisations through customised, games-based science and outreach.

Community as Service focuses on:

  • Powering Up People
  • Powering Up Places
  • Powering Up Provisions

Community as Service is achieved through:

  • Strategic Partnerships
  • Shared Vision and Collaboration
  • Shared Resources
  • Standardized Knowledge sharing and Protocol Infrastructure
IFB's Community as Service

Areas of Operation

  • Southwark
  • Lambeth
  • Portsmouth & Southsea

Want to Level Up? Join CaS!

Contact the CaS team with the information below or learn more.

  • Email: cas@ifbgaming.com


Which areas of England does CaS cover?

CaS is available to community organisations and charities in England.

What is the role of NHS Digital?

CaS supports the NHS with inclusive data and research. CaS is currently focused on supporting the NHS with the NHS’s website and App.

What is the role of the Telecommunications industry?

The telecommunications industry is central to mitigating data poverty in England. The industry supports CaS with free data, minutes and texts for vulnerable individuals and families.

What is Get Online Week’s Empowering Futures?

Get Online Week is a week-long campaign held annually in October. It reinvigorates our collective commitment to digital inclusion and data poverty in England.

What is the role of 7-Pillars during CaS?

Designed by John Adewole, 7 Pillars of Digital Inclusion is the guiding framework behind our digital inclusion and data poverty strategy.

How can I join Community as Service – CaS?

Call us on 07760 389 855. Quote CaS.

What is CaS?

Community as Service

Who is Community as Service for?


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