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Find digital inclusion support locally

Find support with digital inclusion locally.

Emergency Data Request

Call 07342 448030 or email cas@ifbgaming.com to gain access to the Emergency Data Request Form.

Free Online Learning

Learn the basics of using the computer and the internet on our dedicated free learning App.

Volunteer In London

Become a volunteer and start your digital champion journey underway. Training and equipment provided upon successful completion of our volunteer programme.

Digital Inclusion Hub Near Me

Need help with learning how to use the computer and doing things online? Want to make new friends at the same time? Use our map to find a Tech Time Hub to find a learning centre near you now.

ESOL Skills For Life (UK)

Designed for non-native English speakers, our classes in partnership with Trinity College offer a dynamic learning experience tailored to the unique needs and capability of the learner.

Green Skills Cafe

Find Green and Sustainability based training and workshops, volunteering opportunities and jobs in the UK Green Sector.

Upcoming Events