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Connecting Southwark! One Sector at a time!!

Campaign Description

The Connected Southwark Campaign is an initiative by IFB Gaming aimed at addressing the digital divide in the Southwark community. In response to recent SIM pack shortages and delivery delays, this campaign provides immediate and practical solutions to ensure that every resident has access to essential digital connectivity through their local charities, community organisations and TRA(s).

Campaign Aims

Ensure Connectivity:

  • Distribute SIM packs to residents in need, ensuring that everyone has the means to stay connected for communication, education, and access to essential services.

Promote Digital Inclusion:

  • Provide access to resources and support to improve digital literacy within the community. This includes one-on-one training sessions and workshops on using digital tools and accessing online services.

Support Education:

  • Assist students and educators by ensuring they have the connectivity required for remote learning and access to educational resources.

Enhance Community Engagement:

  • Foster a sense of community through digital means, ensuring that residents can stay connected with family, friends, and community events.

Bridge the Digital Divide:

  • Work towards long-term solutions to digital exclusion by partnering with local organizations and stakeholders to create sustainable digital access strategies.

How to Get Involved

Residents of Southwark can obtain a SIM pack by contacting IFB Gaming directly or by visiting our data waypoints. We are also hosting several community outreach events to distribute SIM packs and provide digital literacy support.

For more information on the Connected Southwark Campaign, including distribution points and event schedules, please fill out this form or contact us at cas@ifbgaming.com.

IFB Gaming
Empowering Digital Inclusion

Join us in making Southwark a digitally inclusive community where everyone has the opportunity to stay connected and thrive in the digital age.

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