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Data-Wiping Policy for Donated Devices to IFB Gaming

1. Introduction:

At IFB Gaming, we are committed to promoting digital inclusion and empowering South London communities and individuals by refurbishing and donating used and old laptops, tablets, and smartphones. To protect the privacy and security of our donors and recipients, we have established this data-wiping policy to ensure that all donated devices are properly and securely sanitized before being distributed.

2. Data-Wiping Procedure:

2.1. Responsibility:

  • The Data-Wiping Team, designated by IFB Gaming, is responsible for the secure erasure of data from all donated devices.
  • The Data-Wiping Team shall consist of individuals trained in data-wiping methods and shall adhere to the organization’s data security guidelines.

2.2. Data-Wiping Standards:

  • Data-wiping shall be performed using industry-standard data erasure software or methods that comply with recognized data privacy and security standards.
  • The data-wiping process shall be certified and logged to ensure accountability.

2.3. Data Verification:

  • Prior to data wiping, devices shall be inspected to ensure that they are functional and repairable. Non-functional or severely damaged devices shall be excluded from the data-wiping process.

2.4. Data Backup and Restoration:

  • IFB Gaming shall not be responsible for backing up or restoring data on donated devices. Donors are encouraged to back up any important data before donating their devices.

3. Donor Responsibility:

  • Donors are responsible for ensuring that their devices are free from any personal or sensitive data before donation.
  • Donors are encouraged to reset their devices to factory settings or remove all data and personal accounts.

4. Data-Wiping Certification:

  • The Data-Wiping Team shall maintain a record of each device’s data-wiping process.
  • Certification of data wiping, including the device’s serial number, make, and model, shall be created and maintained as a record of the procedure.

5. Data-Wiping Verification:

  • After data wiping, the devices shall be tested to confirm that no data remains on the device and that they are in working order.

6. Disposition of Unrecoverable Devices:

  • If a device cannot be securely wiped, it shall be properly disposed of and not included in the distribution to recipients.

7. Reporting and Accountability:

  • IFB Gaming shall maintain records of all data-wiping procedures and certifications, which shall be available for inspection if required.

8. Distribution to Recipients:

  • Devices that have been successfully data-wiped and tested for functionality shall be prepared for distribution to South London communities and individuals at risk of data poverty and digital exclusion.

9. Revision of Data-Wiping Policy:

  • This policy shall be reviewed and updated regularly to align with best practices in data security and privacy.

10. Donor Data Privacy:

  • IFB Gaming shall maintain the privacy of donor information and ensure that any donor information collected is protected in accordance with applicable data privacy laws.

This Data-Wiping Policy is implemented to safeguard the privacy of donors and recipients and to ensure that all donated devices meet the highest data security and data privacy standards. It is our commitment to advancing digital inclusion and reducing data poverty in South London communities.

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