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Our Content Sharing and Usage Policy

Effective Date: 6th of October, 2023

1. Introduction

IFB Gaming (hereinafter referred to as “the Organization”), based in London, is dedicated to promoting research and learning in the gaming industry. This Content Sharing and Usage Policy outlines the principles, procedures, and responsibilities related to the sharing and usage of content within the organization.

2. Content Ownership

2.1 Ownership: All content created, produced, or acquired by IFB Gaming, including but not limited to research papers, reports, educational materials, software, and multimedia content, is the property of IFB Gaming unless otherwise specified by contractual agreement.

2.2 Rights and Permissions: The organization retains all rights, including copyright and intellectual property rights, for the content it owns. Permission must be obtained for any external use of IFB Gaming’s content unless explicitly permitted by the content’s licensing terms or other agreements.

3. Content Sharing

3.1 Internal Sharing: IFB Gaming encourages the sharing of content among its staff, researchers, and partners for educational and research purposes. Internal sharing should adhere to the terms of any applicable licensing agreements.

3.2 External Sharing: Sharing content externally, beyond the organization’s boundaries, requires prior authorization. The responsible party must assess the appropriateness and potential impact of such sharing.

3.3 Attribution: When sharing IFB Gaming’s content externally, proper attribution to the organization is mandatory, including the source, authorship, and any applicable licensing information.

4. Content Usage

4.1 Authorized Usage: Content owned by IFB Gaming may be used for educational, research, and organizational purposes in accordance with applicable laws, regulations, and contractual agreements.

4.2 Prohibited Usage: The following uses of content are strictly prohibited:

  • Commercial use without explicit authorization.
  • Unauthorized modification or alteration of content.
  • Use that infringes on copyright or intellectual property rights.
  • Use that promotes discrimination, harassment, or illegal activities.

4.3 Third-party Content: When using content from external sources, including third-party data and publications, IFB Gaming staff and affiliates must respect the terms and conditions of usage imposed by the content’s owner or licensor.

5. Licensing and Permissions

5.1 Content Licensing: IFB Gaming may choose to license its content under specific terms and conditions. Users should review the licensing terms associated with each piece of content for guidance on usage.

5.2 Permission Requests: Requests for content usage, including reproduction, distribution, or adaptation, must be directed to the designated content manager or department, who will assess the request and grant permission in accordance with the content’s licensing and copyright status.

6. Policy Compliance

6.1 Training and Awareness: IFB Gaming provides training and guidelines to staff, researchers, and affiliates to ensure awareness and compliance with this Content Sharing and Usage Policy.

6.2 Policy Review: This policy will be periodically reviewed and updated to reflect changes in content-sharing practices, legal requirements, and ethical standards.

7. Conclusion

IFB Gaming promotes responsible content sharing and usage in support of its mission to advance research and learning within the gaming industry. Any questions or concerns related to this policy or the use of IFB Gaming’s content should be directed to the designated contact point within the organization.

John Adewole

[Founder] IFB Gaming

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