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IFB Gaming Research Reward Policy for Research Participants

Effective Date: 6th of October, 2023

1. Introduction

IFB Gaming (hereinafter referred to as “the Organization”) is committed to conducting valuable research and learning activities within the gaming industry. We greatly appreciate the participation of individuals who contribute to our research efforts. This Research Reward Policy outlines our approach to compensating research participants for their time and effort.

2. Types of Research

2.1 Free Research: IFB Gaming conducts certain research projects that do not involve compensation to participants. Participation in these projects is entirely voluntary and without any financial reward.

2.2 Rewarded Research: For select research projects, IFB Gaming may offer participants shopping vouchers as a token of appreciation for their involvement. The specific reward amount will be clearly communicated in the recruitment materials and consent form for each rewarded research project.

3. Reward Amount

3.1 Maximum Reward: Participants in rewarded research may receive shopping vouchers with a maximum value of £40, as indicated in the project’s recruitment materials.

4. Eligibility for Rewards

4.1 Criteria: Participants are eligible for rewards based on their completion of the research activities and any additional criteria specified in the project’s guidelines.

4.2 Fairness: Rewards are distributed fairly and equally among eligible participants who meet the project’s requirements.

5. Reward Distribution

5.1 Timing: Participants will receive their shopping vouchers upon successful completion of the research project or as otherwise specified in the project’s guidelines.

5.2 Method: Rewards will typically be distributed electronically via email or another agreed-upon method.

6. Voluntary Participation

6.1 No Obligation: Participation in rewarded research is entirely voluntary. Participants are under no obligation to take part in any research project that offers rewards, and they can choose to participate in free research projects instead.

7. Transparency

7.1 Clear Communication: IFB Gaming will clearly communicate whether a research project offers rewards and the specific reward amount to potential participants during the recruitment process.

8. Consent

8.1 Informed Consent: Participants will be fully informed about the rewards, research objectives, procedures, and any potential risks before giving their informed and voluntary consent to participate.

9. Policy Review

This Research Reward Policy will be reviewed and updated as needed to ensure compliance with ethical standards and any changes in research practices or legal requirements.

10. Conclusion

IFB Gaming values the contribution of research participants and aims to ensure fairness and transparency in rewarding their participation. If you have any questions or concerns regarding this policy or the rewards associated with our research projects, please feel free to contact us.

John Adewole

[Founder] IFB Gaming

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