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Sustainable Management of Supply Chains

Join leading environment and sustainability experts from Temple Group for an in-person workshop where we’ll explore ways to measure and reduce scope 3 emissions in an SME context.

While this session will be of interest to all SMEs seeking to reduce their supply chain emissions, special emphasis will be placed on practical strategies and actionable guidance tailored to those working in hospitality, food & beverage, FMCG, professional services, and the arts & culture sectors.

The session will walk through the methodology used in the SCC Supply Chains audit model, with guidance on how to map out, prioritise and reduce your impacts through actions like logistics optimisation and supplier collaboration.

This knowledge will enable you to take a proactive approach in shaping and enhancing your organisations’ supply chain strategies, expediting your progress on your decarbonisation journey.


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Energy Data and Efficiency

Join leading environment and sustainability experts from Temple Group for an online event exploring the importance of data literacy as a foundation for becoming more sustainable.

Participants will discuss common energy and consumption metrics, and understand the link between energy consumption and carbon emissions through an interactive carbon accounting exercise.

You will also be encouraged to carry out your own energy measurements, and to identify actions to deliver real energy efficiency improvements.


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